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ADs Effect Measurement

You have a lot of outdoor billboards to introduce or promote your products. Do you want to evaluate the effectiveness of these billboards?

You are planning to place building ad, elevator ad, ... Are these ad placement points help you get optimal reach and frequency? 

Do you want to know which shopping malls, supermarkets, shops or places give the best results? 

Our solution: Software artificial intelligence will help you minimize risks, optimize costs, and achieve the highest efficiency.

Solution system for all:

Solution for retail channel: Artificial intelligence system supports stores & chain stores in managing business and in customer service through the following features:

Measure store traffic. 

Analyze store space through heatmaps.

Demographic analysis (age, gender) of buyers. 

Face recognition of current and potential customers.

Identify customer interactions with products on shelves/ instore customer behavior

Evaluate offline advertising effectiveness  via view-oriented analysisci_research_measure_advertising_board_2


Results through "Artificial Intelligence System"

  1. Retail channel:

Customer counting. Demographic analysis (age, gender). Heatmap showing the highest sell-through data. 

  1. Banner:

Counting the number of people and vehicles passing through advertising banners. Demographic analysis (age, gender).  Emotional analysis (within a radius of 15m).

  1. Services & Events:

Counting attendees. Check-in by face recognition.

Our demo video: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ci+Research

Tutorial and resultsci_research_measure_advertising_board_f.pdf

Do not hesitate to contact us to get the most efficient ADs effect measurement.  


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