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22 month 08, 2023
The Food and Beverage (F&B) industry is a leading business sector with immense growth potential in Vietnam, especially in the current phase of economic recovery following the pandemic. Despite various challenges, the F&B industry is projected to achieve an 18% growth in revenue in 2023, surpassing 700,000 billion VND.

Source: vneconomy.vn vn và www.gosell.vn

However, with the increasingly fierce competition among competitors and the rapid changes in both consumer needs and habits, businesses need to proactively understand market trends. Market research will be one of the solutions that helps businesses timely capture business trends in the F&B industry, customer demands, and differentiate themselves, thus enabling them to formulate appropriate business strategies.

Market Research Approaches for Food & Beverage Segment

We conduct the following types of market research in the Food & Beverage industry:

  1. Usage and Attitude (U&A) Research

  • Identifying user attitudes and behaviors towards F&B services.

  • Understanding customer needs and expectations regarding F&B products and services.

  • Segmenting customers to optimize marketing activities, services, and products.

  1. Brand Health Check 

  • Measuring brand recognition/ awareness and usage within the F&B sector.

  • Evaluating communication efforts of F&B brands.

  • Brand positioning in F&B industry.

  1. Market Overview and Trends Analysis

  • Estimating competitor market size and share within the industry.

  • Exploring potential developments and trends in the F&B sector over the next 3-5 years. 

  • Determining potential market segments for business outreach.

  1. Evaluation of Business Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

  • Understanding the customer journey through the 5A model (Aware, Appeal, Ask, Act, Advocate).

  • Using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to assess customer satisfaction with specific F&B services.


  1. Concept Testing/Product Testing

Interviewing customers about their interest and purchase intention for new ideas/products based on specific criteria:

  • Likability and appeal of the idea/product.

  • Relevance of the idea/ product.

  • Uniqueness of the idea/ product.

  • Purchase intention after the idea/ product is exposed.

  • Pricing perception based on the tested idea/ product.

  1. Campaign Effectiveness Evaluation

  • Measuring customer awareness, message recall, and interaction with advertising campaigns. 

  • Evaluating the impact of advertising campaigns on customer purchase decisions.

  1. Retail Audit

  • Examining retail points of sale, including POSM displays, product, and materials. 

  • Monitoring promotional activities and activations at retail points. 

  • Recording sales performance at each store.



☑ Desk research

☑ Indepth interview – IDI

☑ Focus group discussion – FGD

🗆 Mystery Shopper

☑ Quantitative Survey

☑ Central location test – CLT

☑ Home In use Test – HIV

☑ Trade Census

☑  Retail Audit

We understand that in the Food & Beverage industry, understanding customer needs and preferences is a crucial element in creating the best products and services. With our extensive experience in the F&B sector, we will assist your company in identifying target customer segments, gaining deeper insights into the market, and shaping intelligent business strategies.

We are here to collaborate with you in achieving success and fostering sustainable growth in this promising market!


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