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Retail research

1. Role: 

Retail audit is a study on analyzing the business situation such as purchases, inventories, sales, etc. of brands at retail stores, therefore, we can measure the supplier, market share and the development of brands in the retail market.

2. Method: 

The data collection by surveying is carried out every month. During the audit, the auditor records the statistical data from the actual market and invoices:

  • The products are presenting at store

  • Inventory of products in stock at the time of inspection

  • How was the buying and selling from the last check?

  • Retail price

  • Transported goods, cost and income.

  • The promotion 

  • Difficulties at retail stores.

3. Retail audit can help the retailer awear of:

  • Increase or decrease of revenue. 

  • The flow of products from wholesalers to stores: promotion, discount, the affect…

  • Upward or downward trend of brand market share

  • Sales rotation on brands or product size: Change the packaging, change size or volume of product…

  • Competitors analysis