Mobile panel

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5 month 07, 2022
Mobile panel
Mobile Panel is the data collection among different selected target groups with basic demographic information. These target groups are people who have been participating in various surveys or customer feedback conferences via personal phone numbers. The researcher selects the appropriate respondents to include in the panel. When having new project, all panelists are filtered based on its criteria to get target groups.

1. What does Mobile Pannel help?

2. List of potential target group in panelists


  • Panelists in the panel are selected from different sources: previous research projects, interviewers' relationships, social networking sites, Facebook, etc.

  • Gather information of panelist including basic demographics, lifestyle, and typical consumer behaviors to get panelist profile.

  • When having project, all panelists are screened according to the selection criteria, then they will be invited to participate in the survey through different forms: send a message via phone number or via online platform (ZALO, Viber, Facebook messenger, Skype, etc.), or email. Then, they conduct survey by themselves.

  • The level of project participation is depending on project scope, topic, criteria, questionnaire and type. Each project will have specific technics in details.

  • CI Research will then synthesize and classify target groups by industry, field, city, age, gender, income, occupation, etc. to suit customers' types of research. And continue to conduct surveys based on the Mobile Panel.

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