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Research objectives

Research on behavior and habits of using products/services (USAGE & ATTITUDE - referred to as U&A) is a method to analyze consumer behavior. U&A research results will help businesses observe the latest trends in consumer behavior and promote the adoption and purchase of products or services.

U&A research also helps businesses keep track of the usage habits of consumers for specific products/brands. Since, businesses will understand the level of awareness and brand usage whether it is good or bad. This is the foundation to make the most of market opportunities and drive growth.

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Research content

Depending on the characteristics of each product/service and customer requirements, CI Research will design appropriate research content. However, the basic content of an U&A study includes: 

  • Overview of consumer demographic information: Age, gender, region, occupation,...

  • Information on buying behavior: The type of product/ service, frequency of purchase, quantity, size,...

  • Reference channels when buying effective marketing channels

  • Where to buy and reasons to buy

  • Promotion programs 

  • Motivations and barriers when consumers buy and use the product  

  • Brands most often use, intend to use, and reject to use

  • Reasons for frequent use of the brand

  • Reasons for refusing to use the brand

  • Important factors/ top importance when choosing a brand

  • Identifying alternative products and brands

  • Assessing overall brand satisfaction


This type of research is for businesses that want to understand markets and consumers before officially launching the product on a large scale to the market. 

This study can also be for businesses that have launched products on the market. However, the constant change of today's technology landscape leads to changes in consumer behavior. Hence, businesses need to evaluate habits and behavior of using products to optimize market opportunities. 

Therefore, the field of application for this type of research is very diverse for both B2C and B2B, including FMCG industries with different products and services.