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22 month 08, 2023
After more than 2 years of being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Vietnamese economy and the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector are forecasted to experience significant growth in the next 3 years. Due to the inherent nature of fast-moving products, the industry's growth rate remains consistently high. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a strong shift in consumer behavior and attitudes, as well as changes in distribution channels, particularly the demand for online shopping through e-commerce platforms and social media. Businesses need to take progressive steps to adapt appropriately.

Market Research Approaches for FMCG Segment

We have undertaken numerous projects within the FMCG industry utilizing the following types of market research:

  1. Usage and Attitude (U&A) Research

  • Determine user attitudes and behaviors towards products.

  • Understand consumer needs and expectations regarding products. 

  • Segment customers to optimize marketing activities, services, and products.

  1. Brand Health Check

  • Measure the level of recognition/ awareness and usage of various brands. 

  • Evaluate brand communication activities.

  • Brand positioning.

  1. Customer Journey & Satisfaction

  • Explore the customer's buying journey through the 5A model (Aware, Appeal, Ask, Act, Advocate). 

  • Evaluate product quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) index to assess customer satisfaction & loyalty level with specific products.



  1. Concept Test/ Product Test

Interview customers to gauge their interest and purchase intention for new ideas/ products based on specific criteria:

  • Level of Overall liking.

  • Relevance of the idea/ product.

  • Uniqueness of the idea/ product.

  • Purchase intention after exposure to the idea/ product.

  • Evaluation of product characteristics (Color, scent, sweetness, fat content, texture, smoothness, etc.).

  • Pricing of the product based on the idea/ product trial.

  1. Campaign Evaluation

  • Measure awareness, message recall, and interaction of customers with advertising campaigns. 

  • Evaluate the impact of advertising campaigns on customers' purchasing decisions.

  1. Retail Audit

  • Check retail outlets, including the display of point-of-sale materials (POSM), product placements, and materials at the point of sale. 

  • Monitor the execution of promotional activities (Activations).




🗆 Desk research

☑ Indepth interview – IDI

☑ Focus group discussion – FGD

☑ Mystery Shopper

☑ Quantitative Survey

☑ Central location test – CLT

☑ Home In use Test – HIV

☑  Trade Census

☑  Retail Audit


Market research studies play a crucial role in helping FMCG businesses gain a deeper understanding of consumption trends, competitive markets, and consumer demands. With this insight, your company can develop effective advertising strategies, optimize products and services, provide the best value, and maintain competitiveness in the rapidly evolving and transforming FMCG industry.

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