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Real Estate

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22 month 08, 2023
Real Estate

The real estate market in Vietnam is becoming an attractive and potential sector for investors. With economic development and population growth, the demand for housing, offices, and condominiums is increasing, creating a foundation for the real estate and office segments to thrive. Additionally, segments such as resort real estate and industrial real estate are also becoming new trends. However, to succeed in this field, real estate businesses need in-depth understanding of the market and customer needs.

Market Research Approaches for the Real Estate Segment

CI Research is a company providing research consultancy solutions in the Real Estate sector, helping businesses gain a clearer understanding of the market and offering vital information for strategic development. The following are the types of market research we offer:

  1. Usage and Attitude (U&A) Research

  • Identify customers' usage behavior and attitudes towards different types and segments of Real Estate.

  • Understand customer needs and expectations for Real Estate projects.

  • Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of current Real Estate projects.

  1. Market Overview and Trends Analysis

Through various survey methods:

  • Desk Research: Collect existing data and information (e.g., Housing statistics from the Ministry of Construction, construction indices from the General Statistics Office, project updates from the BCI data source, etc.).

  • In-depth Interviews (IDI): Interview industry experts to gain a comprehensive view of the market.

From these methods, our research team provides businesses with an overall view of:

  • Potential and trends in the industry for the next 3-5 years.

  • Estimates of the competitor scale and market share within specific types and segments: Houses, Condominiums & Villas, Resort Real Estate, Office & Retail Real Estate, etc.

  • Identify strengths and potential for business development in the market.

  1. Concept Test/ Product Test

  • Evaluate the level of interest and purchase intention of customers towards new ideas and projects.

  • Identify Promotion Programs/Financial Support to boost purchasing.

  • Gather feedback to improve ideas and projects.

  1. Effectiveness Evaluation of Advertising & Sales Programs

  • Measure customers' awareness, recall, and interaction with real estate marketing campaigns.

  • Evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns on customers' purchasing decisions.

  1. Service Quality Research and Customer Satisfaction

There are two methods to measure Business Service Quality:

  • Using the Mystery Shopper approach.

  • Using Customer Evaluation Surveys. 

Detailed Content:

  • Evaluate staff advisory services and their friendliness, professionalism, and dedication to customers.

  • Measure the satisfaction of current customers.

  • Utilize the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure customer satisfaction & loyalty.




☑ Desk research

☑ Indepth interview – IDI

☑ Focus group discussion – FGD

☑ Mystery Shopper

☑ Quantitative Survey

☑ Central location test – CLT

🗆 Home In use Test – HIV

🗆 Trade Census

🗆 Retail Audit

We are committed to delivering high-quality, reliable research projects that align with the objectives of Real Estate businesses. Our team of experts is ready to support you throughout the research process, providing profound insights into the Real Estate market in Vietnam.

Contact us now to explore how we can assist your business in Real Estate research projects!


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