Media usage habits of Vietnamese consumers and effective approaches

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7 month 07, 2022
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Media usage habits of Vietnamese consumers and effective approaches

Reach through shopping behavior

Now you have a panoramic view of the media approach of decision makers in Vietnam, which will be very useful when planning media. However, that is not enough. For truly effective communication, we need to dig deeper.

A major challenge in targeting demographic target audience is that we do not know if they are the target buyers. We assume that people with similar demographic characteristics will have similar behaviors and preferences when making a purchase decision, but is this assumption always accurate? The answer is no. And this is also true of their access to the media.

How many of the people you approach through the media actually buy your product?

By combining shopping behavior with the habit of using the media, we can better understand the main differences in the habits of marketing objectives and reach them more effectively.

An analysis of consumer groups through their buying behavior will help to invest more effectively. Some cases, like shoppers who buy goods but have not purchased your brand, or have recently switched from your brand to your competitor's brand.

Many brands, therefore, increase their investment and focus on reaching as many people as possible - so keep in mind that TV is still the most effective communication channel in the 4 cities.

... if your brand is in the premium segment in this line? Is your target audience the same?

By looking at loyal buyers in the premium segment of the industry but not choosing a particular "X" brand, we can see that online channels play a much more important role in ensuring Effective communication.

With a variety of media, marketing segmentation becomes an important step in deciding whether to invest effectively.

For this target group, online channels are more popular both in terms of coverage and frequency of use. Thus, "X brand" is more likely to reach the target audience by turning to more investment in online channels.

In addition, brands also need to understand what types of web sites target or visit, and focus on some major sites. At the same time, if you cut back on TV investment, consider what TV channels and time frames can be cut to invest in other media channels, but still retain the golden hours on the TV.

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