Research Intern

Quantity: 5
Address of workplace: 6th & 7th Floor, Loc Le Buiding, 454 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 5, District 3, HCMC

Job responsibilities:

  • Translating documents from Vietnamese to English and vice versa

  • Prepare project requirements and materials

  • Design questionnaires based on clients’ requests

  • Conduct desk research about project’s details

  • Participate in clients’ briefing

  • Record in-dept interviews (Transcript)

  • Take notes the project’s contents and information

  • Write a simple research proposal

  • Participate in training FW

  • Join in coding process (code) and input of data (input)

  • Check raw data of each project

  • Support FW team to collect data on field

Job requirements:


  • Study or undergraduate in universities, majoring in Bussiness, Marketing, E-commerce, Finance, Psychology or Sociology.

  • Prioritize candidates graduated from International Universities in Vietnam or abroad.


  • Proficient in English (listening, reading, writing, speaking)

  • Capable of doing MS Word, Excel & Power Point


  • Dynamic & agile

  • Good communication skills (active & not afraid to interact with strangers)

  • Ability to work under high pressure

  • Patient and careful


  • Working environment: professional, friendly, with many promotion opportunities

  • Be considered for a full-time position after an internship

  • Prioritize senior students who are able to take an internship at least 3 months  

Working time:

  • Monday to Friday: 9h – 18h (lunch break 12h – 13h)

  • Saturday: 10h – 12h (work from home)

How to apply:

Please submit your application via email:

Or you can apply directly at the company.


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